My friends from Japan came and visited!

I met Yumiko, Rii, and Sena while I was serving as a missionary in Japan. The branch I was serving in started at kids english class, and Rii and Sena were two of our first students! We had so much fun singing songs, playing games, and learning English together.

Before I transferred, I told Yumiko san that if they were ever in America, they should stop in Utah and stay with my family. She told me they were planning on visiting Canada, but could probably stop in Utah for a little bit. And they really came! We spent 5 fun-filled days together experiencing Utah.

yumiko rii sena-2.jpg
yumiko rii sena-3.jpg

The first night we went to the Utah County Rodeo down in Spanish Fork! It was free and sooo fun. We watched bucking broncos, barrel races, and bull riding! So much fun!!

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We went to Salt Lake for a day and checked out the capitol, Temple Square, and the mall! That night was nickel game night and shopping!

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I showed them around BYU campus where I go to school. They experienced their first college sports game! We saw the womens volleyball team! So much fun!

Afterwards, we had a picnic up at Squaw Peak, an outlook where you can see the whole valley. It was beautiful!

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yumiko rii sena-2-2.jpg
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Sunday was spa day. We painted nails, did face masks, and looked at all the photos on my walls.

We made American chocolate chip cookies and had our weekly Sunday dinner.

I had a photoshoot, and they tagged along to the American Fork Amphitheater. We found some wild bunnies!!

yumiko rii sena-1-3.jpg
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The last day we got up bright and early, hiked to Timp Cave, and had a tour of the caves! It was sooo cool! I had never done it before!

While Yumiko san packed, I took the girls to get some shaved ice. I didn’t want them to leave.

We were on our way to Salt Lake to say goodbye, and saw the most amazing double rainbow. The perfect ending to the perfect outing.

I loved having them come to visit! I loved spending time with and showing them my hometown. I can’t wait until they come again!