Kent+Jess on Kauai || Hawaii Portrait Photographer


Growing up, I knew Kent was a great big brother. When we were little, we pretended we were in a band, with me on my drumset and him on guitar. We talked business, sharing ideas of new ventures we could start. I always knew that he loved me because he took the time to show me.

When he started dating Jess, I was nervous. What if I wasn't able to spend time with him anymore? What if I didn't like her? But I had nothing to worry about. I saw his capacity to love grow ten-fold. Jess is kind, bold, and happy. She isn't afraid. She builds and helps all those around her.

They love each other and they love God more than anything else in the world. I love their love because I have seen it's impact in my life. When Kent married Jess, I didn't lose a brother, I gained a sister. They have helped me grow and learn in so many aspects of my life. 

Taking photos of them reminds me of the times we've spent together, and the love I have seen between them from the beginning. I am grateful to be able to freeze their love and emotions in this moment of time. They remind me that love is REAL, love helps you GROW, and ultimately love is SO FUN.